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My Life as I can Live it

Jumbled Rants of a Woman Who Simply Lives

12 May
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Born in CT, went to Philly, Pa. Now living in Washington state (don't ask How I got here..)
Am into alot of stuff, so basically I'm a Jack of all Trades, looking for a major focal point to sink my teeth into. The latest obsession? I want to be a voice actress! You know for dubbing anime or even be an original voice of an animated work. I take classes in acting as well as working on my AA and hopefully a BA in arts. I attempt to learn Japanese while trying to find full time "other work", work out and hopefully finish one craft project at a time! As if that wasn't enough I'm writing alot of various stuff (maybe webcomic.. maybe not). For someone with no real direction you could say at least she's not just standing there! o_^