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Screamin mad
How much of a godsdamn stupid bastard does Tim have to be? Honestly this surgery has brought out the STUPID in him. and I'm talking MAJOR STUPID!! He keeps blaming shit on me. Like for instance I made sure that my foot surgery was on the 4th. I kept saying it was on the 4th and what does he do instead of checking the calendar? ASSUME it's a frickin Thurs!!!! Now he want to bring in another queen sized bed into this rinky-dink apt  into the living room because he thinks that a futon is terrible to sleep on >.<!!!
Now today, 24 hours before my surgery, he tells me that he's bringing his friend Shawn and then adds we'll be using his car instead (because it's a 4door).
Mother fucker reneged on getting another car because now he wants a house, which he has no  SAVINGS LEFT BECAUSE THE DUMBASS GOT ANOTHER CC!!
*sigh* this relationship is nothing. No sex for almost a year, in constant limbo. he has no spiritual side, no goals, no ambitions. Perhaps I should start packing instead of just cleaning the house...



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