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Docors doctors everywhere
So a few weeks back I went to my health center (I don't say doctors because they have a revolving door) for a check up on what to do next and to make sure they keep refilling my diclofenac. So after the nurse they sent in a doc in train :D! I enjoy talking to them- they're still eager to help. So I talked with him and the poor boy took down like 4 pages of notes. So he asked if there was anything else I wanted. SO I told him to see a dermatologist because i keep getting new dots and being latina your not as obvious about skin cancer issues as say a lighter skinned person. So he nodded and agreed and then he asked if there was something else. After a time I said.
"I want to know if it's possible for a breast reduction of some sort. My spine hurt and even at my best that area  has always been extremely tender. These things are highly uncomfortable"

Amazingly when the actual doc came in he agreed! On all points. I go in for a procedure that tests my nervous system called an EMG.
Gotta call the dermatologist & the surgeon for appointments, but I just bought a scale..
I weigh 219.3


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