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Bang Ur gone!

Same said friend from last entry.
Well we had found out that VAMPS was coming to the West Coast and since she's such a Hyde Fan she wanted to go. So as she was disussing on how to make sure Ian didn't come (yeah that's right- a Maestas). I said "why don't we make it my birthday present? That way it'd be girls only" However I kept reminding her that I wouldn't be able to support financially the trip. Which she replied that she woud take care of it all. That was in may: the concert was in June 19th.
Well a month goes around and I'm getting antsy cuz she hasn't saved any money and she wanted to rent a car as well as the hotel and what not. She was also to be coming with me to the gym with me to help her get ready for the strenuous workout of walking  in Seattle being that she has had surgery on both knees (and is 250+lbs).  She didn't ; as a matter of fact she wanted to walk the treadmill, which threw me off cuz she already knew and which I told her when we started that since the bike wasn't good on her knees that she needed to be on the elipticals.
Well she decided that she was going to use all of one check. and then she realized that she still needed to pays bill so she decided to cash out her stock which was to get her away from Ian in the first place. She damaged her knees on the treadmill so she exercised only about two weeks out of the whole two months, and her check wasn't as large as she had hoped (or she was only using the $400 she cashed out on stock).
I'd say I foresaw that tragic bullshit on her end, but I'd be burned at the stake :P

I could only eat bland take out burger drive through, I barely got the cookies that Tim requested of me (because she couldn't walk and talk about selfish: I had told her I was asking Tim to take me to the Aquarium and what does she decide the next day?- Let's go to the Aquarium!) Lets' just say at  the end of the morning she was bitching saying that if she lost 100 lbs she would keep up with me- I told her I was 217. She mistakes being skinny for stamina, I was pretty proud of  myself my heel barely hurt and my tendon didn't swell and we were out and about for two hours. Dosen't mean that I can work yet, I still hate and distrust people I don't know. They get my hackles up big time- I'm working on it though I've only mauled seven people this week. I'm thinking I must have some S.A.D or something; I'm not sad just angry.
Anyway I was the one driving the whole time, which relaxed her but pissed me off cuz she was giving me direction and she had no clue, so I ignored her. She called me bitchy, I would've been calling her worse - nonexistant.
At the end of it all I missed Tim something Terrible. We would have gone out for thai food and I could have gotten some good spicy food with tofu (yummy!) and gone to the chinatown district, and hitting Daiso's for the newest stuff and really goiong to the aquarium and at the end of the evening either going out by ourselves or hanging out with his siblings. I mean I was absolutely bored and lonely. I felt I was looking after a 90 year old lady who thought she was still in her 30's.

The VAMPS concert was fantastic, the bassist was so tall! I shook my head cuz the kids up front didn't understand Hyde when He was trying to talk to the crowd. He used the proper term for a Killer whale which was "Orca" and no body got it to the point where her had to make the motion of a whale, In which I wanted to break out in "Baby Beluga of the deep blue sea!" I also wanted to hollar, cuz it was true, was "damnit Hyde stop flashing me with your guitar! It's burning my retinas!" It kept catching the light and I was right in the correct spot. Music was good though I really wanted to get out of my seat and dance,  they were recording and I didn't want to become the fat chick in an orange tank top shaking it like like I was a size 3 when I'm a size 20. I got hip bumpers that would smak a skinny chick right off her legs.
okay enough of my quips.
To be continued?
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