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Editing, writing... drives me crazy...
Screamin mad
A friend of mind was really energetic about her dream.  So energetic she didn't want to continue one story I was helping her on and immedeatly wanted 2 start another one. And she only got 2 hours sleep for it.
So she hands me my flash driv and says "Write!write!"
Only when I open it up there's so many typos and sporatic sententcing and bad grammar, missing words. lines of thought not making any sense. I couldn't write. My mental state screamed for it to be fixed. However as I've spent three days trying to find energy to continue editing, I can't seem to be equally entralled in this story. It really hasn't grabbed me, even when I read the stuff I'vve corrected so far. It's like the energy she wrote it down was all sporatic and as i've fixed it; I've basicaly killed it. I'm not even 1/2 done. I know she's going to ask me about it this morning too.


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