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Gossiping while running w/ scissors; How dangerous!
Screamin mad
Oh, while I simmer, I've been allowed *wicked grin* to reveal some new dirt that has me pleased (which means I'm simmering down not up).
This person gave me permission after being told from someone, whom Brandy (trever's wify) told them; that She along with the other two Maestas brothers (that would be Shawn and Ian) that they were nothing but white trailer trash because they " couldn't pay all there bills".

Well turns out lil miss wifey has been sleeping around, with the roomate, 4 times before said roomate left and got his life back together and drop her like so much garbage. The Man of the house has forgiven her on the grounds that she had a "Misscarriage" of said roomates baby.
Come on now.   We know what that really means in "Loose woman talk" right. For those with no  clue it begins with "A". It's amazing that's she's had several of these "misscarriages" when sleeping around with other women's men, or just when she's about to leave said man, and yet seems to produce two healthy babies with no problems when they are her husband's kids (at least she hopes so).

So all I can do is giggle with glee, praise Karma and hope that it will shine on me and those I love with financial blessings.
I could really use it.
Like right now.


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