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I did WHAT?!?!
Yuup. Monday morning I was getting ready for a friend to come over and take a look at a drawing of a tattoo I had in mind. I didn't expect her to pack her gear to do this at my house.
So I bit the bullet so to speak. After preping up the area and got the drawing down, she asked me several times if I was sure about this. I kept telling her yes I was. and we will see how much I could handle.
Whelp- I couldn't handle it when my face was turned, so after 2 jumps, she suggested that I look at the gun while she was working. Amazingly that worked I became entranced at the needle sinking into my skin that the pain seemed to be far away!
So for the past 3 days I've been tending to my tattoo, mystified that it's there. It's not finishd yet tho- my skin spazzed out and wouldn't take the ink anymore. So after this is healed it's back under the gun for blending and the words to be inked in..

Favorite phrases through the work..
(have large yarn bal in hand) "That your stress ball?"
Hell yeah, grippy and chewable.
 I am so surprised your not crying now.... You are a trooper!
*shrugs, gripping the yarn, rubbing the texture, listening with 1 earphone to my music*
And now were done with lining.
Let's COLOR IT!!
You're bleeding..
Don't tell me that!!
*Grabs a bag of jerkey*

Are you in pain?
No- I'm hungry!
Don't make me laugh I need to concentrate!


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